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At first glance, 101 Lifestyle products may seem simple and approachable, but they are anything but basic. Sourcing only the very finest natural ingredients from all over Australia, the development team at 101, based in Melbourne, Australia, have sought to eliminate all the ‘nasties’ commonly found in some of the big ‘trusted’ brands we use daily.

Created by husband and wife duo, Lisa Teh and Saul Klimas, 101 Lifestyle initially started as a marketing experiment to trial new and unique ways of packaging every day products without all the usual marketing jargon and tacky branding.

Having started with the look and feel of the products, research and development shifted to the ingredients list.  Competitor research revealed how many artificial ingredients the big ‘trusted’ brands are injecting into their products. “We simply wanted an everyday lifestyle product to look cool, work well, and be good for you” says Saul.

101 Lifestyle products add a touch of luxury to daily necessities, making seemingly ordinary and mundane rituals of the day a little more special. At the heart of the brand is a quality product, confidently minimal and timelessly simple.


You can buy 101 Lifestyle products exclusive in MECCA Cosmetica Trove Stores in Australia and New Zealand and online MECCA.